Roadtrip to BR Hills and Shivanasamudra

Weekend trips are good. But most of the tourist places will be overcrowded. So if you want to have peaceful drive sometimes then it’s good idea to get behind the wheels on a weekday! That is exactly what I ended up doing with my friends. Location? A hill station and couple of gorgeous waterfalls en route.

Biligirirangana Hills standing at 1290 meters above sea level located in Chamarajanagar District of Karnataka offers a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. It is around 170 KM from Bengaluru. BR hills joins Western ghats to the eastern ghats of India, thus playing significant role in maintaining biodiversity.We booked Zoomcar for the road trip, this time Honda Jazz. Must say I was totally disappointed with driving experience of Honda maybe their diesel engines are not that great. From Bengaluru to reach BR hills, you have to take Kanakapura road. Though it is national highway, its narrow and is in the process of widening. But road condition is good enough and wont make you feel tired a lot.

On the way you will pass through Shivanasamudra which offers a couple of gorgeous waterfalls namely, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. We started at around 7 AM, and our breakfast stop was at Vasu Hotel, Kanakapura. It was surprising to see hotel was crowded even on weekday. Hygiene standards nor the place make you feel so good but if you are a person who only minds about having good masala dosa, go ahead 🙂


On the way near Malavalli we came across a farmer who was having selling Sugarcane juice roadside and we stopped for sipping a glass of fresh beverage. For 15 Rs it was worth it.


After small break we continued and reached BR hills after driving for around 4.5 hours. The view from the hills made all our journey totally worth. Have a look at the images.. The temple atop was under renovation so they had small makeshift outside of it. We had lunch at temple, which offers simple Rice and Sambar for all devotees from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM.

Beware of monkeys! There are plenty of them on the hills, hence do not keep bags unattended. Do not carry food items in hand.

After lunch we relaxed in temple garden and headed towards Shivanasamudra which is around 50 km from BR hills en route to Bengaluru. Just before Bharachukki falls there is an old stone bridge across Kaveri river in a scenic nature.

Bharachukki falls: There is entry fee of Rs 20 for cars. Timings are from morning 9AM to 5PM. You can only view the falls from a distance.

Gaganachukki falls: You need drive for around 10kms from Bharachukki falls to reach here. There is No entry fee and no fixed timings. Here also you can only view the falls from a distance.

Monsoon season (July to October) is the best time to visit to see waterfalls at its best. Shivanasamudra is one of the first hydro-electric power stations in Asia, which was set up in 1902.

Before sunset we headed back to Bengaluru with load full of memories. overall we covered around 370 KMs during our road trip. Do post your comments. See you in the next blog post 🙂

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