Weekend road trip to Lepakshi Temple

Beauty about Bengaluru is that there are so many places around to escape from the bustling city life. One such single day excursion was to a historic place called Lepakshi which is situated in Andhra Pradesh. From Bangalore it is about 130 km and about 480 km from Hyderabad.

We were fortunate to have Flat 50% offer from Zoomcar ! We had booked Ford Figo and were searching for a day’s trip within 150 km radius of Bengaluru. Then we came across Lepakshi.

It is a Vijayanagar-era temple built on the spot where as per the legend, Jatayu fell after being injured by Ravana.

The temple was built in 1530 by Virupanna Nayaka and Viranna, both brothers who were Governors under the Vijayanagar Empire during the reign of King Achutaraya, at Penukonda.

It was March, beginning of Summer but temperature was already soaring above the 30ºC mark. The climate is hot for most of the year and early mornings are the best time to visit. The temple complex is remarkably cool. There are mural paintings in roof of the temple.

The temple’s main deity is Veerabhadra. It has idols of Ganesha, Nandi, Shiva, Bhadrakali, Vishnu and Lakshmi.

Highlights of the Lepakshi:

  • There is a hanging pillar in this temple that stands without touching the ground.
  • A colossal structure of Nandi measuring 27ft in length and 15ft in height, roughly 200 meters before the temple.
  • Huge Ganesha, carved out of stone and leaning against a rock. Perpendicular to it is a massive Naga with three coils and seven hoods. It forms a sheltering canopy over a black granite Shivalinga.


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