Kokkare Bellur Trip

Type: Bird Sanctuary

Place: Kokkare Bellur Village, near Maddur, Mandya, Karnataka, India

Distance from Bengaluru: ~100KM

Famous for: painted storks , spotbilled pelicans

Best Time to visit: February as per villagers

On a lazy saturday morning, still slumbering due to friday hangover, myself and my friend decided to go for a drive somewhere near Bengaluru. Thats when we thought we should go out and do some bird watching! aargh..the real one’s 😉 My friend suggested Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, which is little far. Hence we decided to head to a village near Maddur which is famous for the bonding between villagers and these angels flying high in the skies.

For those coming from Bengaluru, the route is pretty simple. You need to drive in Bengaluru- Mysore road and take deviation near Maddur.

The roads are good. The only issue is farmers threshing crops on road. Drive slow with caution. It took around 2.5 hours for us to reach. We started at 12PM and reached around 2:20 PM. There is no hotel at all in the village. We didn’t do our homework, hence ended up eating Bun along with a cup of tea and a fresh cucumber along with salt and chilli, thats our luch at Rs. 28 for two!

Meanwhile the trip wasn’t without a drama. In the excitement to head for bird watching, I forgot my camera now it was all upto my iPhone 7 to save me from a disappointment.

The curious thing about the birds is they seem to nest on mostly tamarind trees. There weren’t too many trees colonised. Villagers told February is when birds will be at their highest presence. There’s lot of chirping of young birds especially when their parents bring them food from nearby river and fields. Dogs roam around the trees for a young chick or two to fall into their hungry mouth!

We left the place around 4:00PM and on the way back to Bengaluru we stopped for evening snacks at an awesome place ! More about it in my next post! Please leave your comments 🙂 I am more than happy to reply if you have any questions .

Roam. Eat. Live. Enjoy Life.

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